Every Day Counts Virtual Summit - Available On-Demand

EDC is a State-based model that identifies and rapidly deploys proven, yet underutilized innovations to improve safety for all users, shorten the project delivery process, create an equitable transportation system, and build sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The summit is an integral component of the EDC model, bringing together transportation leaders and front-line professionals responsible for the development and delivery of highway projects. The EDC-7 summit was conducted virtually and included 2000 attendees from State DOTs, local agencies, federal land management agencies, tribes and industry to encourage creative thinking and celebrate a shared vision for new opportunities.

EDC is Innovation for a Nation on the Move.  In this cycle, the seven initiatives feature strategies to improve safety for all users, build sustainable infrastructure for the future, and grow an inclusive workforce.  The presentations, fact sheets, videos, virtual booths, and pdfs of homegrown innovations developed by the National State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Network are available on-demand to all registered participants through February 2024.  Please register on this page. 

  • Anwar Ahmad

    FHWA Office of Innovation and Workforce Solutions
  • James Austrich

    FHWA Office of Operations
  • Audra Bandy

    FHWA Office of Project Development
  • Tim Barrett

    FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
  • Shailen Bhatt

    FHWA Administrator
  • Steve Brich

    Virginia DOT Commissioner
  • Victoria Brinkly

    FHWA Resource Center
  • Michael Bryant

    Civil Rights Division Director, Texas Department of Transportation
  • Grady Carrick

    Principle, Enforcement Engineering
  • Migdalia Carrion

    FHWA Office Infrastructure
  • Joe Conway

    FHWA Office of Innovation Management, Education, and Partnerships
  • Robert Conway

    FHWA Resource Center
  • Sal Cowan

    Senior Director, Transportation Mobility, New Jersey DOT
  • Christina Currier

    FHWA Office of Innovation Management, Education, and Partnerships
  • David D'Onofrio

    FHWA Office of Natural Environment
  • John Davies

    FHWA Office of Natural Environment
  • Miguel Estrella

    Director, Material Testing Advisory Office Puerto Rico Highway Transportation Authority
  • Alex Etchen

    Senior Director for Infrastructure Advancement, Associated General Contractors of America
  • Corey Foster

    Workforce Development Specialist, Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America
  • Hailey Goodale

    Pavement Design Engineer, Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Owen Hasson

    State Traffic Incident Manager, Missouri DOT
  • Maria Hayford

    FHWA Office of Planning
  • Zechariah Heck

    Sustainability Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Reggie Holt

    FHWA Office of Bridges and Structures
  • Ebony Horton

    Director of Communications and Marketing, Alabama Community College System
  • Paul Jodoin

    FHWA Office of Operations
  • LaToya Johnson

    FHWA Office of Infrastructure
  • Hari Kalla

    FHWA Associate Administrator for Infrastructure
  • Martha Kenley

    FHWA Office of Civil Rights
  • Carrie Lavallee

    Massachusetts DOT Deputy Administrator & Chief Engineer
  • Amy Lucero

    FHWA Associate Administrator for Innovation & Workforce Solutions
  • Anna Marriott

    Civil Rights Program Manager, Colorado Department of Transportation
  • George Merritt

    FHWA Resource Center
  • Jim Pappas, III

    Delaware DOT Director of Transportation Resilience & Sustainability
  • Kenneth Petty

    FHWA Director for Office of Planning
  • Jessika Phillips

    Office of Civil Rights Program Manager, Idaho Transportation Department
  • Mike Praul

    FHWA Office of Infrastructure
  • Kelly Regal

    FHWA Associate Administrator for Research, Development, & Technology
  • Irene Rico

    FHWA Associate Administrator for Civil Rights
  • Eric Ross

    FHWA Office of Civil Rights
  • Tyson Rupnow

    Associate Director, Research
    Louisiana Transportation Research Center
  • Gloria Shepherd

    FHWA Executive Director
  • Joseph Tebo

    FHWA Office of Operations
  • Christine Thorkildsen

    FHWA Office of Civil Rights
  • Jim Thorne

    FHWA Office of Planning
  • Melinda Tomaino

    Director, Environment and Sustainability, Associated General Contractors of America
  • Jennifer Toth

    Arizona DOT Director
  • Cheryl Walker

    FHWA Associate Administrator for Safety
  • Gary Weaver

    Regional Workforce Director, Alabama Community College System
  • Tara Weidner

    Climate Impact Analysis Program Lead, Oregon Department of Transportation, Climate Office
  • Kelly Whaley

    Transit Project Compliance and Nontraditional Project Innovation Specialist, Colorado Department of Transportation